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Project : Research — O.porto School of Architecture Research Journal. 
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Adaptive reuse of vernacular built heritage: learnings from Alcino Cardoso House (1971-1991) by Álvaro Siza

Journal of Building Pathology and Rehabilitation

Teresa Cunha Ferreira; David Ordóñez Castañón; Eleonora Fantini; Miguel Frias Coutinho; Tiago Trindade Cruz. Corresponding author: Teresa Cunha Ferreira

doi: 10.1007/s41024-023-00301-6


"Sensitive mediations of inhabiting the city: the participatory design and its role in the history of social housing programes"

Jornal of Architectural Culture - Joelho

Neves, Isabel Clara; Fonseca de Campos, Paulo E.

Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis of a Coastal Concrete Heritage Structure

Heritage, 6, 9: 6153-6171

Cunha Ferreira, Teresa; Romão, Xavier; Freitas, Pedro Murilo; Mendonça, Hugo

issn: 2571-9408
doi: 10.3390/heritage6090323

‘Interconnected Groups’: Alvar Aalto’s Competition for the Pohjola Office Building, Helsinki, 1964-65

Athens Journal of Architecture, 9, 3: 299-318

Borges de Araújo, Miguel

Acesso Aberto

issn: 2407-9472
doi: 10.30958/aja.9-3-3

Methodology for the Digital Documentation of Modern Architecture: Applied research on Álvaro Siza's works for the World Heritage List.

The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, XLVIII-M-2: 541-547

Ferreira, T. C.; Cruz, T. T.; Freitas, P.; Genin, S.

issn: 2194-9034
doi: 10.5194/isprs-archives-xlviii-m-2-2023-541-2023

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