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Open Class Research Seminar 2-C PDA "Dados para que te quero!? Da analítica urbana à tomada de decisão" with Valter Ferreira, Jorge Gil, Francisco Caldeira e Aitor Varea OroCiclo Conversas do Território #4, 2.ª edição

The open class 'Data for what I want you? From urban analytics to decision making', within the 2nd edition of the cycle 'Conversations of the Territory', integrated in the course unit Research Seminar 2, study option C 'Urban Dynamics and Forms' of FAUP's PhD Program in Architecture, will feature the participation of:

Valter Ferreira (Intelligent Lisbon - Urban Management and Intelligence Center of the Lisbon City Council);

Jorge Gil (Director of the Division of Planning and Urban Design at Chalmers University of Technology);

Francisco Caldeira (GeoInformation Service of INE);

Aitor Varea Oro (Center for Architectural and Urban Studies at FAUP).

The collection, analysis, modeling and representation of spatial data assume an increasingly important role in territorial knowledge and planning. They are central to a better knowledge of the characteristics of territories, to the monitoring of their transformation dynamics and the functioning of their infrastructure networks, to the support of public debate and participation, to the support of planning decisions, to the construction of new regulatory instruments.

In this session we will discuss how urban analytics and geographic information systems are being mobilized for the production of knowledge, discourse and decision, both in academia and in public administration.

The session will have a first part dedicated to the presentations of the guests, followed by a debate among all the participants.The class takes place via zoom.

Course Unit

Seminário de Investigação 2, opção de estudos C - Dinâmicas e Formas Urbanas | PDA


Nuno Travasso
Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto

Cristina Cavaco
Universidade de Lisboa

in collaboration with the research group MDT - Morfologias e Dinâmicas do Território do CEAU-FAUP and the group URBinLAB da Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade de Lisboa.

The session will be given in Portuguese, without translation.

Program subject to change (without prior notice).This event may be recorded and disseminated by FAUP through photography and video.

FAUP does not issue attendance statements or online assistance of the event.