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Open Class of the UCs CAAD I, II e FACT "Complementaridades entre Teoria e Imagem (Fotografia e Desenho) na prática e disciplina da Arquitetura: Instrumentos de Indagação, Representação Crítica e Desígnio" with Eduardo FernandesCycle Arquitectura, Arte e Imagem

The open class 'Complementarities between Complementarities between Complementarities between Complementarities between Complementarities between Complementarities between Complementarities The lecture 'Complementarities between Theory and Image (Photography and Drawing) in the practice and discipline of Architecture: Instruments of Inquiry, Critical Representation and Design' with the architect Eduardo Fernandes, graduate from FAUP and professor at EAAD-UM, in the scope of the curricular units of Communication of Architecture Project and Photography (CAAD I, II), of the 1st cycle, and Architecture Photography (FACT), of the 2nd cycle. (CAAD I, II), of the 1st cycle, and Photography of Architecture, City and Territory (FACT), of the 2nd cycle.

In the session, the invited author Eduardo Fernandes will reflect on the complementarities between Theory and Image (Drawing and Photography) understood as instruments of Inquiry, Critical Representation and Design for the practice and discipline of Architecture. Several examples linked both to teaching and to research and practice in Architecture will also be analyzed in order to highlight their importance and how this complementarity can be explored.

The class is open to the entire academic community, being, however, especially directed to students of CAAD I, II and FACT courses.

Eduardo Fernandes was born in Porto in 1966. The three years he spent as a student at the Alexandre Herculano high school awakened his taste for architecture and for the work of José Marques da Silva. He entered the FAUPorto in 1985; through the windows of the Carlos Ramos pavilion, he saw the new Faculty building and his admiration for Álvaro Siza grow. During his degree, which he finished in 1992, his training was marked by the classes of Fernando Távora, Sergio Fernandez, Alexandre Alves Costa, Nuno Portas, Manuel Mendes and Anni Gunther, among others. After graduating, he worked as a liberal professional, designing several projects as author, co-author or collaborator; he also collaborated with several institutions: Center of Studies of the FAUP, entro of Territorial Studies of ISCTE, FPUPorto and DPCultural of CMPorto. He returned to FAUP in 1995, to attend the Master in Urban Environment Planning, which he completed in 1998. A new return to FAUP, in 1999, marked the beginning of his teaching career, working (and learning) with Manuel Botelho (MLAC, 2nd year) and Domingos Tavares (HAM, 3rd year). In 2001 he accepted the invitation to teach at the Architecture Course of UMinho, where he continued his academic activity until today, in several courses of Theory, History and Project. He remembers with nostalgia the more than 1000 students who have passed through his classes. Throughout his career, he has always tried to reconcile the pleasure of drawing with the desire to teach and write; he has several published texts, which can be found in the repository of the University of Minho.

Course Units

FACT e CAAD I | MIArq, em colaboração com o grupo de investigação Arquitetura, Arte e Imagem do CEAU-FAUP 


Pedro Leão Neto
Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto

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18 de abril de 2023, 3.ª feira, 14h30-16h00

Sala do Janelão

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