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Open Class of UCs CAAD I, II e FACT "Cidade informal: contributos de uma etnografia visual para um imaginário político expandido" with Ana Miriam RebeloCycle Arquitectura, Arte e Imagem

The open class 'Informal City: contributions of a visual ethnography for an expanded political imaginary' with the researcher and photographer Ana Miriam Rebelo is part of the cycle of Conferences, Debates and Open Classes Architecture, Art and Image and will take place on March 28th, at 14h30, in the scope of the curricular units of Communication of Architecture and Photography Project (CAAD I, II), of the 1st cycle, and Photography of Architecture, City and Territory (FACT), of the 2nd cycle.

In the open class, Ana Miriam Rebelo will present the research project 'Visual and Semantic Identities of the City of Porto: an ascertainment of the contributions of informal dwelling', which focuses on architecture as a visual culture and its discursive role in the public space and in the imaginary of the city of Porto.

Through an ethnographic approach, Ana Miriam Rebelo investigates aesthetic and political dimensions of informal production processes of public spaces. Photography is used as a tool for documenting modes of production of disappearing space and as a discursive instrument for the articulation of contravisualities anchored in an expanded and local imagetic repertoire.

Following this presentation, the researcher will dynamize a workshop directed to the students of the curricular units CAAD I and II, in which a collective exercise of interpretation and mobilization of images from the photographic archive of the research is proposed. The workshop will take place during the course's class days: April 11, Tuesday, and April 14, Friday.

Students may register for the workshop by sending an e-mail to, with the subject 'Registration | workshop with Ana Miriam Rebelo' and identifying their name and student number. Registrations are limited.

The open class and the workshop aim to help broaden the potential for exploration of several concepts - informal city, visual ethnography, expanded political imaginary, among others - as well as several visual and conceptual strategies - image atlas, architectural promenade, collage, among others - that may integrate the project that will be developed through the book device in this 2nd semester.

The class is open to the entire academic community, being, however, specially directed to students from CAAD I, II and FACT courses.

Ana Miriam Rebelo holds a Master in Contemporary Artistic Creation from the University of Aveiro (2019). She has a degree in Plastic Arts from École d'Enseignement Supérieur d'Art de Bordeaux (2005). PhD research fellow in Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, with the project Visual and semantic identities of the city of Porto: an ascertainment of the contributions of informal dwelling (ID+/CEAU). Member of the Research Institute in Design, Media and Culture (ID+) and the Center for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism (CEAU). She collaborates with the research group Architecture Art and Image (CEAU) in research and editorial projects. She was teacher and coordinator of the Technical Course of Photography of the Multimedia Institute. Her artistic and scientific production focuses on the construction, perception and representation of urban space, with emphasis on the dynamics of production and use of public space and its social, aesthetic and political impacts.

Course Units

FACT e CAAD I | MIArq, in collaboration with the research group Architecture, Art and Image at CEAU-FAUP


Pedro Leão Neto

Free entry, subject to room capacity.program subject to change (without prior notice).this event is likely to be recorded and disseminated by FAUP through photography and video.

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28 de março de 2023, 3.ª feira, 14h30-16h00

Sala do Janelão

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