Center for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism


Center for Studies
in Architecture and Urbanism

Projecto E-learning

Start Year

2007 (Concluded)


72 months

Principal Investigator

Pedro Leão Neto

Co-principal Investigator

Manuel Pinheiro (FAUP)
Andrea Marisa de Pera Vieira   (REIT)
Lígia Maria da Silva Ribeiro  (REIT)
Maria Clara de Carvalho Pimenta do Vale  (REIT)

Funding Entity

Autoridade de gestão do POSC

POSC - Programa Operacional Sociedade do Conhecimento

Funding Value

193,506.82 euros

Proposing Institution


Partner Institutions

FAUP e Reitoria
Unidade Universidade Digital do Centro de Competências em Cibersegurança e Privacidade (C3P)

Social Networks



The E-learning Project - WebCT: Center for Communication and Spatial Representation (CCRE) was developed in partnership with IRICUP, with the aim of creating an interactive space accessible via the Internet ( that would help disseminate work considered to be of interest in the field of architecture and urbanism to the scientific community and to citizens in general about their city and its consequent transformation, requalification and preservation. The aim was to create the embryo for the development of the strategies, broadband technological support, knowledge and experience needed to research and disseminate content in the areas of architecture and urbanism via the Internet to the scientific community and civil society in general. Following on from the work carried out by the E-learning Project - WebCT, in 2013 the Jens D rup E-Learning Award, EUNIS, was awarded for the implementation of the project and program of the 1st E-Learning Café at U. Porto. Pedro Leão Neto was, together with Lígia Ribeiro, one of the people most responsible for this project, and both co-authored the paper "Learning spaces and students' entrepreneurship: the strategy for the successful implementation of an e-learning café in campus U. Porto" together with Andreia Vieira and Maria Pinto.

Pedro Leão Neto was responsible for coordinating and co-authoring the preliminary architectural design and exterior arrangements related to the themes of teaching and learning spaces, the main objectives of which were:

i) to design and build a hybrid study and socialization space focused on students and other elements of the academic community, also open to the other public, and

ii) to build an interactive space, advertising the e-learning café, working as a public forum and linked to that space.

The critical analysis of the results allowed significant conclusions to be drawn about the influence of ICT on university learning spaces. In connection with this E-Learning space, Pedro Leão Neto began research and consultancy work which was the basis of the AAI research group: Activities related to E-Learning café through the Engenho e Arte project.

Consultancy and responsibility for research into spaces with strong technological mediation in Engenho e Arte / Guimarães 2012 - European Capital of Culture

Espaços interiores do projeto E-Learning Café da U. Porto, premiado com o EUNIS Dørup E-learning Award na 19º edição do congresso EUNIS, que teve lugar em junho de 2013 em Riga. Fotografia © CCRE


Manuel Pinheiro
Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto (FAUP)

Pedro Leão Ramos Ferreira Neto
Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto (FAUP)

Andrea Marisa de Pera Vieira 
Reitoria Universidade do Porto (REIT)

Lígia Maria da Silva Ribeiro 
Reitoria Universidade do Porto (REIT)

Maria Clara de Carvalho Pimenta do Vale 
Reitoria Universidade do Porto (REIT)