Center for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism


Center for Studies
in Architecture and Urbanism

Liv'in Architecture

Start Year

2021 (On going)


108 months

Principal Investigator

Nuno Lacerda

Funding Entity

União Europeia , EIT Culture and Creativity

Proposing Institution


Universidade do Porto


Partner Institutions

University of Porto, Uptec

Fraunhofer Umsicht

Impact Hub

Elite University

Industry Commons

Ku Leuven

Media Solution Center Daden Württenberg


Liv`in Architecture STG is a strategic working group integrated in the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) dedicated to Cultural Innovation and Creativity in the multiple dimensions that Architecture assumes today.

Under the motto “Creativity without borders and innovation without limits”, EIT Culture & Creativity is an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). We are a Knowledge and Innovation Community designed to strengthen and transform Europe's cultural and creative heritage in the Cultural and Creative Industries Sectors (CCSI), connecting creatives, business and public research and production organizations to Europe's largest innovation network.

Livin Architecture STG seeks to promote the social, heritage and cultural phenomenon of Architecture as a driving force for a sustainable, humane, healthy, collaborative and green future. Livin Architecture STG intends to explore new approaches and creative solutions to face contemporary societal challenges with the vision of redefining the relationship between Architecture, People and the environment.

The vision of Liv`in architecture STG is: “To build Architecture driven EcoSystems to address european space policy” and is structured in three vectors: Architecture for People; Architecture for Planet and Architecture for Culture. It is organized into four action programs: 1- Go Further; 2-Go Healthy; 3- Go Green and 4- Go Together.

Through the actions, projects, calls and innovation works focused on “Liv`in Architecture”, we aspire to create a global movement that inspires and motivates professionals, institutions and communities to embrace a more conscious, more creative and more responsible approach in the design and construction of the built environment. Together, we intend to reinforce and transform Architecture into a positive force capable of promoting a better future for all.

By uniting academic knowledge, the creativity of professionals, the support of institutions and the active participation of society, we will contribute to the construction of a sustainable, healthy, inclusive, inspiring and, therefore, civilizational future.

Liv`in Architecture Strategic Topic Group of the EIT Culture and Creativity of the European Union is, for this reason, and until 2030, a permanent invitation to rethink, reinvent and revitalize Architecture, transforming it into a powerful tool to promote health, quality of life, innovation, sustainability and the strengthening of the communities in which it operates.


Nuno Lacerda Lopes (Principal Investigator)
Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto

Fábio Santos
Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto

Maria Oliveira

André Forte

Sónia Pereira
Universidade do Porto

Ana Milheiro
Universidade do Porto

Pedro Rodrigues
Universidade do Porto - Reitoria Inovação