Center for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism


Center for Studies
in Architecture and Urbanism

Habitar as ilhas

Start Year

2022 (On going)


36 months

Principal Investigator

Aitor Varea Oro

Funding Entity

Município do Porto

Funding Value

86.400,00 euros (FAUP)

Proposing Institution

Direção Municipal de Desenvolvimento Urbano

Partner Institutions



The islands of Porto are housing structures original from the industrial revolution that, marked by their physical and social precariousness, house about 5% of the city's population. As a result of an ongoing work with the Municipality of Porto, this project aims to deepen the constructive and urbanistic dimensions, bearing in mind the need to develop an intervention horizon beyond the currently institutionalized solutions. Thus, taking into account the specificities of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, it is intended to: (1) Develop a bank of constructive solutions to qualify and accelerate rehabilitations, meeting the main technical guidelines on energy efficiency; (2) define lines of intervention in priority territories, in order to facilitate the implementation of integrated rehabilitation operations; (3) establish academic and expert networks to produce and transmit useful information to the main actors in these operations.


Marta Sousa

Cynthia El-Dash

Júlia Moraes

Céline Zgraggen