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Center for Studies
in Architecture and Urbanism

Technical assistance in accessing funding for the rehabilitation of the Porto islands

Start Year

2022 (On going)


36 months

Principal Investigator

Aitor Varea Oro

Funding Entity

Porto Vivo – Sociedade de Reabilitação Urbana

Funding Value

36.000,00 euros (FAUP)

Proposing Institution

Porto Vivo – Sociedade de Reabilitação Urbana

Partner Institutions



The islands of Porto are housing structures original from the industrial revolution that, marked by their physical and social precariousness, house, even today, about 5% of the city's population. The main goal of this project was to create a common ground for all stakeholders for the rehabilitation of these clusters, allowing owners to access available funding to rehabilitate these nuclei for the benefit of current and, where possible, new residents. To associate urban qualification and social inclusion, the project: (1) defined an urbanistic assessment and reference framework, approved by the Municipality; (2) created a personalized service for the owners of the islands; (3) defined a mediator unit that expedited the dialogue between all involved. The main results were: (1) Definition of criteria that conciliate the integral qualification and the increase of the controlled cost housing stock; (2) Establishment of simple communication methodologies with tenants, owners and public entities; (3) Alteration of the Municipal Master Plan Regulation, that, for the first time, recognizes the existence of this morphotype; (4) Adoption of the principles consecrated in the urbanistic appreciation of projects and in the operations promoted in the scope of the 1st Right - Program of Support to the Access to Housing.


Marta Sousa

Júlia Moraes