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FAUP researcher appointed to Casa da Música's Board of Directors

June 28, 2024

André Tavares, a researcher at FAUP, has just been appointed to the Casa da Música Board of Directors on behalf of the Ministry of Culture.

Musician Álvaro Teixeira Lopes has also been appointed for the new three-year term 2024-2026, while the new members to be appointed by Porto City Council and the Porto Metropolitan Area, as well as the four representatives to be elected by the Founders' Council, remain to be seen.

According to the joint order issued by the Minister of Culture and the Minister of State and Finance, jurist Luís Álvaro Campos Ferreira was appointed as chairman of the Founders' Council and university professor Sofia Salgado Pinto to the same body as a representative of the Ministry of Culture.

With a PhD in Architecture from FAUP, ANdré Tavares is a researcher at the same institution's Center for Architecture and Urbanism Studies, where he is currently coordinating the research project 'Fishing Architecture: The Ecological Continuum between Buildings and Fish Species' funded by the European Research Council.

Coordinator of Dafne Editora, author of several publications on architecture, he was director of the Jornal Arquitectos between 2013 and 2015, programmer of Garagem Sul - Architecture Exhibitions at the Centro Cultural de Belém, in Lisbon, and, with Diogo Seixas Lopes, general curator of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2016.

His works include the book 'The Anatomy of the Architectural Book' (Dafne Editora/Canadian Centre for Architecture, 2016) and 'Vitruvius Without Text' (gta Verlag, 2020), the first volume of the printed and freely accessible 'gta edition' series from the publishing house of the Institute for History and Theory of Architecture at ETH Zurich, recently published in French by Éditions de la Villette.