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Utopia Volume 1 Launch and public presentation of the scientific journal scopio Magazine Arquitetura, Arte e Imagem AAI - Utopia Volume 1

19th June 2024 (Wednesday), 18h00
Casa Comum (Reitoria) of the U. Porto

The launch and public presentation of the scientific journal scopio Magazine Arquitetura, Arte e Imagem AAI - Utopia Volume 1 will take place on 19 June 2024 at 6pm at the Casa Comum (Rectory) of the U. Porto, as well as the award ceremony for the second edition of the International Drawing and Photography Competition (DPIc).

The event's programme includes an opening panel by Fátima Vieira (Vice-Rector of U. Porto - Culture, Museums and U.Porto Press), followed by a presentation of the scientific journal by its director Pedro Leão Neto (FAUP).

After this, the editor of the Flash: Reviews and Curatorial Projects section, Gabriel Hernandez (ETSAM), will take the floor. Pedro Maia (FBAUP) will then present the International Drawing and Photography Competition (DPIc) and the session will close with the DPIC 2023 Awards ceremony, which will be attended by a representative of AEFAUP.

This event will also be attended by the various authors and editors who are part of this Volume 1 of scopio Magazine Arquitetura, Arte - UTOPIA, namely Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro (FBAUP), Jose Carlos Mota and Sofia Marques da Silva (FPCEUP), among many others.

Editors: David Viana, Fátima Vieira, Gabriel Hernández, Isa Clara Neves, José Carneiro, Maria Neto, Mário Mesquita, Miguel Leal, Pedro Maia, Pedro Leão Neto

Invited Authors and Submitions: Alexander García Düttmann, Chloé Darmon, Gabriela Manfredini, David Leite Viana, Jorge Maia, Telma Ribeiro, Gabriela Vaz-PInheiro, Inês Nascimento, Inês Osório, James Smith, José Carlos Mota, Alexandra Ataíde, Lorenzo Stefano Iannizzotto, Peter Bennett, Rafaela Lima, Roberto Bottazzi, UCL, Sofia Marques da Silva


Opening session - Fátima Vieira (Vice-Rector of U. Porto)
18.00 - 18.15

Presentation of the scientific journal - Pedro Leão Neto (FBAUP)
18.15 - 18.30

Fllash: Reviews and Curatorial Projects - Gabriel Hernandez (ETSAM)
18.30 - 19.15

Presentation of the DPIc Competition and DPIC 2023 Awards Ceremony - Pedro Maia (FBAUP) and AEFAUP representative.
19:15 - 19:45

About the Journal

scopio Magazine Architecture, Art and Image is an international academic, open access, peer-reviewed journal, published by the Centre for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism (CEAU) - Research group Architecture, Art and Image (AAI) at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto, Portugal (FAUP), in collaboration with i2ADS and CETAPS being published by U. Porto Press and scopio Editions. 

It is formed by an interdisciplinary team integrating the Editorial and Scientific Committee of this periodical. The publication embodies a dynamic information space focused on the dissemination of the themes of Architecture, Art and Image (AAI), understanding these subjects in a comprehensive interdisciplinary way and integrating several research centres. 

The physical and online publication aims to offer critical, explorative and informative text capable of reaching an interdisciplinary audience, making it accessible to criticism and discussion, namely to debate / (re) think Architecture, Art and Image in contemporaneity. 

Scopio Magazine will be governed annually by a major theme of interest and is structured through different sections allowing readers to travel between the worlds of Architecture, Art and Image through multiple perspectives and subject focuses.  

More information: scopio Magazine Architecture, Art and Image

Volume 1 - Scopio Magazine Architecture, Art and Image | Utopia

The magazine scopio Architecture, Art and Image is inviting proposals for Volume 1 of its thematic cycle ‘Utopia’, inspired by the idea that the transformation of our society will only be possible if we have ambitious visions for the future and propose operational paths, devised in a creative and collaborative way. As Ernst Bloch argued eight decades ago in The Hope Principle, utopias offer visions of a better future and should therefore be seen as part of our reality and not thought of outside of it. In this sense, utopias are illusory images that direct us towards real possibilities and help us build a path towards social transformation.

Open Call "Exploring Contemporary Realities”

With this Open Call "Exploring Contemporary Realities", we launch the annual major theme of interest for scopio Magazine AAI – Exploring Contemporary Realities, Volume 2, and initiate a new collaboration with the project Contrast: Multidisciplinary network of artistic initiatives in Art, Architecture, Design and Photography through SCOPIO & CONTRAST International Conference.

The call will have as responsible Editors academics / artists coming from both scopio Magazine AAI and the Contrast project. This editorial team will ensure the necessary peer review work through the U. Porto OJS platform.

scopio Magazine AAI will be, in this way, the official publishing academic periodical for International Conference SCOPIO & CONTRAST and the submissions are both for the Conference and its 2nd volume in partnership with Contrast addressing the theme Exploring Contemporary Realities.

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