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'ADMIRADOURO Vista sob um Fragmento Urbano' by Emílio Remelhe Project Riscotudo

February 15 - March 28, 2024
Mondays - Fridays (except public holidays), 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Library Atrium

The exhibition 'ADMIRADOURO Vista sob um Fragmento Urbano' by Emílio Remelhe can be visited in the Library Atrium from February 15 to March 28, 2024, as part of the Riscotudo project curated by FAUP professors José Manuel Barbosa and José Maria Lopes.

The opening takes place on February 15, Thursday, at 18:30.

The exhibition, which is free to enter, can be visited from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (closed on public holidays).

Vista under an Urban Fragment

He observes the scene. This is the motto that Dominique Machabert gives to his presentation of Álvaro Siza's "Words of No Importance". In one of the texts included in the book, the architect says that "construction is almost the same as ruin". If construction leads to this paradoxical scenography on the stage of the work, inviting metaphorical contemplation of the embryonic house, destruction crosses the metaphorical wall to condemn the ruin to literality, sanctioning those who live [and die] losing their homes in the theater of war.

The oppressor: a point of view on alert.

Let's not confuse the meaning of ruin that both construction and destruction produce. It's enough to distinguish between the active substance, the fragment-decision and the fragment-expectation. As a spokesperson for human ruin - constructed, reconstructed, deconstructed, idolized, cultivated, categorized, adopted, translated, quoted, repressed... - the fragment admits conceptual and operative partnerships whose list would not fit here.

Resumiradouro: point of view under surveillance.

Reviewing "a technical discomfort with fragments", Pascal Quinard argues that the knowledge of the fragmentary may be lucid, but it does not escape defeat; because in the fragment, he warns: its insistence saturates the attention, its multiplication sweetens the effect that its brevity sharpens; however, by putting his finger on the wound of a real difficulty [in writing and beyond], the author confesses the growing surrender to the extreme and almost automatic fascination [of] the fragmentary appearance.

Suppressed treasure: point of view under bond.

Literality escapes the naked eye, addicted to metaphors. It doesn't matter whether we rest on euphemism or distrust it, whether we avoid dysphemism or flag it up: what is lacking in one and what is surplus in the other is a thing of rhetorical foam.In joy and sadness, we see what we have in presence, we have what we see in absence; in health and sickness, we receive the explicit, we conceive the implicit.This is the mystery of faith in representation.

Redeemer: point of view under reservation.

To be human is to be admirable - within your species, of course. No wonder the object of admiration itself swings, like a pendulum, between one thing and its opposite. The apparent ambiguity is not irresolvable: destruction has its admirers, but [re]construction inspires deep admiration.

Exprimiradouro: point of view under scrutiny.

Emílio Remelhe (Barcelos, 1965) lives and works in Porto. He has a degree in Fine Arts - Painting, a Masters in Drawing and a PhD in Art Education in the field of museography. He teaches at FBAUP as a Visiting Assistant Professor [Drawing in the Fine Arts Degree, Narratives and Graphic Script in the Drawing Degree and Verbal Narratives and Creative Discourse in the Master's Degree in Illustration]. He teaches at ESAD as an Adjunct Professor [Drawing, Illustration and Creative Writing]. He is an integrated researcher at ESAD-IDEA and a collaborating researcher at i2ads-FBAUP. He works in the fields of visual arts, drawing, illustration and literature. His work has won awards and been published by various publishers, both in Portugal and abroad. She collaborates assiduously with public and private organizations, participating in meetings and holding workshops on creativity, writing and illustration. Latest solo exhibitions: Mnemonírica, Lugar do Desenho 2021; Animalítica, Espaço Miguel Torga, 2022; Oxidoxia, Serpente-Galeria de Arte Contemporânea, 2022. He is part of public and private collections.

Riscotudo Project

The Riscotudo project is a space at FAUP for drawing exhibitions located in the Library Auditorium Atrium. Designed by José Manuel Barbosa, who shares the curatorship with José Maria Lopes, Riscotudo is "an exhibition space where proposals are presented that work on the graphic and plastic elements of drawing, focusing on different techniques and aesthetic concepts".

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Free entry (subject to capacity).
Program subject to change (without prior notice).

This event may be recorded and disseminated by FAUP through photography and video.