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Family Architects Workshop, 6th edition Applications from FAUP students until July 15, 2024Learning, working and living healthy in Campo Alegre

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Knowing the problems first hand and presenting realistic solutions are some of the premises for developing work to support the most vulnerable populations in the 6th edition of the 'Family Architects - Learning, working and living healthily in Campo Alegre' workshop. It is aimed at FAUP's MIArq students, with priority given to final-year students looking for opportunities to acquire skills in the areas of technical assistance and citizen participation.

— Acquisition of new knowledge in the areas of: technical assistance in the field of architecture and urban planning; characterization of intervention territories using 1) social research techniques; 2) geographic information systems.

— Defining new curricular and professional paths: getting to know the training and financial tools available; getting to know the players with whom to build a common path.

— Creation of a permanent support structure: support in defining different training paths at FAUP; creation of a shared agenda with entities in the field.

Skills to be developed
— Providing technical support in the qualification of spaces for social use;
— In-depth knowledge of the problems of vulnerable populations;
— Contributing to the coordination of organizations working in the field;
— Giving continuity and permeability to FAUP's daily work.

Aitor Varea Oro, Marta Sousa (Habitar-FAUP)

2 - 6 September
9 - 13 September

Pavilhão Carlos Ramos — FAUP + Espaços Polo do Campo Alegre

Target audience
Priority for final-year MIArq students; applications will be accepted from others enrolled in the degree/MIArq.

Application form [until July 15, 2024]
Free participation