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18th International Docomomo Conference Santiago Chile 2024 “Modern futures: sustainable development and cultural diversity”

Call for papers until 12 February 2024

The CEAU researchers Gisela Lameira and Luciana Rocha will be chairs of the session “Challenges in Modern Movement housing retrofit: design for ageing, well-being, energy efficiency and climate adaptation” at the 18th International Docomomo Conference.

This session aims to disclose how the housing design solutions from this period can deal with the imperative to enhance spatial comfort and the drive to achieve net-zero emissions, accessibility, independent living, and environmental sustainability.

How can these buildings be adapted to current requirements without compromising their identity? Which spatial devices and design qualities can be reinterpreted in contemporary appropriations? How can modern heritage retrofits contribute to achieving net-zero targets, and what role does digital technology (e.g., digital twins, BIM models) play in optimizing these strategies? How can we accelerate refurbishment by developing typified solutions or implementing building renovation passports? Which tools or processes could support decision-making on intervention? How can interdisciplinary collaborations be fostered to create a comprehensive approach to buildings retrofits incorporating energy consumption goals, ageing, well-being, and innovative digital technologies?

The 18th International Docomomo Conference will be held in Santiago, Chile, between 10 and 14 December 2024.

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