Arquitetura: Teoria, Projeto, História - Architecture: Theory, Project and History   ATPH [RG-145-1906]
coordinator Marta Maria Peters Arriscado OLIVEIRA

Art Studies
LOCATION OF GROUP (Host Institution)
Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto
Architectural design, Theory, Architectural history

38.497,20€ ; Research Project “Silent Rupture. Intersections between architecture and film. Portugal, 1960-1974.” (FCT: PTDC/EAT-EAT/105484/2008).

1.975,17€; FACC, “Nexus 2010 – Relationship between Architecture and Mathematics”.

Participation in the development of the Ph.D. Course in FAUP – Programa de Doutoramento em Arquitectura (PDA) – whose director, in its first edition 2008/2009, was the group PI, Prof. ALVES COSTA until his jubilation (2009). The group is responsible for Profile B and a research field on “Architecture: Theory, Project and History”. New thesis projects currently being developed in the Profile of the doctoral course, now in its third edition, are seeking accommodation with the group ATPH, benefiting from their contribution to a densification of the research field.
Development of the Research Project “Silent Rupture. Intersections between architecture and film. Portugal, 1960-1974.” (FCT: PTDC/EAT-EAT/105484/2008).
Strengthening of links between the group and other national and international schools and research centres, whether for the organization of PDA (Universities of Coimbra, Lisbon, Évora), Research Project Silent Rupture (Universities of Coimbra, Lisbon, Minho, Cambridge, Liverpool and Brown), Cinemarchitecture Workshop (UK, Estonia) or NEXUS Conference (USA, Italy).
In parallel the PI & Researchers developed their own work and were responsible for the advisement, discussion and evaluation of several PhD and Master Thesis related to the group main field of research.

a) Consolidation of the Group’s domain of research – Architecture: Theory, Project and History – as ‘Profile B’ of the doctoral program PDA at FAUP (1st edition 08/09), with Ph.D thesis projects developed under tutorship of Prof. ALVES COSTA and Prof. OLIVEIRA being discussed and approved in a Panel with external evaluators. Adjustments to the Profile in its edition 09/10, due to new assignments of lecture service both in PDA and Integrated MSc at FAUP.
b) The development of the Research Project "Silent Rupture. Intersections between architecture and film. Portugal, 1960-1974" (PTDC/EAT-EAT/105484/2008) with several activities undergoing: research at national archives, building of a database, site development, scholarships, Ph.D and Master thesis progress.
c) Organization, by ALVES COSTA and URBANO, of the Seminar "PORTUGAL 1960-74. Intersecções entre Arquitectura e Cinema" at the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto.
d) Organization, by SILVA, LAGE and URBANO, of the International Seminar and Workshop Cinemarchitecture III at the Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallin, Estonia.
f) Organization, by URBANO, of the Open Course “Arquitectura e Cinema” with Prof. Dietrich Neumann at the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto.
g) The development of the on-going Research Project “The extinction of the Religious Orders and the convents in Oporto: transformation, breaks and continuities” with thesis progress, participation in European Symposium Eurau’10 and the submission by Casanova of Progress Report to the PDA inter-panel: Presentation and discussion of achievements since the last evaluation (as included in the doctoral program Ph.D).

CABRAL Faria Frias DIAS, José Júlio
FERRÃO Afonso, José
OLIVEIRA, Marta Maria Peters Arriscado
ALVES COSTA, Alexandre Vieira Pinto
MENDES, Manuel Augusto Soares
MACHADO, Carlos Manuel Castro Cabral
XAVIER, João Pedro Sampaio
RODRIGUES, José Miguel Neto Viana Brás
GRAÇA DIAS, Manuel Carlos Sanches
SILVA, Maria Madalena Ferreira Pinto da
HERDADE GOMES dos Santos Ferreira, Noémia Cristina da
FERNANDEZ Santos, Sérgio Leopoldo
ABREU, Susana Matos
SANTOS, Ricardo Fernandes dos
ALVES COSTA, Ana Sousa Brandão
GARRIDO de Oliveira, Carla Alexandra
CASANOVA, Maria José Lopes
URBANO, Luis Filipe Dordio Martinho Almeida
NEVES, António Luís Pereira da Silva
GUERREIRO, Filipa de Castro
QUINTÃO, José César Vasconcelos

SÁ, Ana Luísa Teixeira de
NETO, Rui Miguel de Oliveira
MONTEIRO, Paulo Alexandre Miranda
BRAGANÇA Ribeiro, Pedro Querido Figueiredo
COSTA, Ana Catarina Dinis
BRITO, Edgar Garcia da Silva
MOURA, Carlos Gustavo Malheiro Machado e
SAMPAIO, Catarina Gomes
MACHADO da SILVA, Hugo Alexandre Fernandes
BISMARCK Paupério, Pedro Levi Teixeira
LAGE, José Alberto Abreu
VALE, Celina Maria Couto do
NORTON, Maria Isabel Pinhal Neves Salazar
RAMOS, Sílvia Cristina Teixeira
BUENO Sousa, Rogério
CASTRO, Maria Alexandra Correia de
MARQUES, João Luís Rebelo Ferreira
PRATAS, Ana Raquel Pimentel Machado
SANTOS, Maria Sofia Teixeira Gomes dos